Rapid Blog Posts..

This is my 6th post in 2 days :mrgreen:

That’s down to the fact i’ve only been working 10am-2pm at my day job. So i’m online from 2-7pm and then 10pm-1am (8 hours online, 4 hours at work 😆 ) Anyway, it’s a sign of things to come. This is what i’ll be aiming for in May once i quit my day job – 3 posts a day.

Any more than 3 and i think readers can’t keep up. Also, i don’t want to be blogging about stupid things just for the sake of it. I’ll try and keep posts informative, interesting and entertaining.

There’s not many full time bloggers out there. But i’ll be joining that small group shortly 🙂 The next pagerank update is due within the next few weeks so if i can get this blog accepted into tla and review me and get more subscribers, who knows, i might actually earn decent money from it 😎

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