Random Videos 7-8-11

random links

More random videos which i found myself liking & favoriting on youtube over the past couple of weeks…

Richard Branson in a nutshell

CollegeHumour do a great job of explaining what Richard Branson is all about in this parody video…

iPhone Russian Roulette

This is hands down one of the smartest viral ads i’ve seen. I’m late to the game because it already has 1.8m views plus it was uploaded over 2 years ago, but if you haven’t seen it, you’ll be impressed, trust me 🙂

Skateboard Assassin

80’s movie on a budget of probably $0 but it looks fairly professional to start off (first 5 seconds), then it just gets wierd…

Burried Alive on a Beach

Teen gets trapped under 6 feet of sand for 30 minutes after a tunnel he dug on a beach collapsed.

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