random videos 19/9/10

random videos

Over the past week or so i’ve stumbled upon a few videos worth watching for different reasons, here they are….

Keeper saves penalty but forgets to watch the ball

Don’t ask me to translate any of this, but from what i gather it’s a penalty shoot out in morocco. The keeper makes a great save and the ball appears to move away from goal. The keeper moves away to the crowd to celebrate, but he fails to notice that there’s severe backspin on the ball and it trickles over the goal line. Hilarious stuff…

Graphic Designer -v- Client

This is an old one but i only came across it this week 🙂 Turns out there’s a sequel and plenty of copy cats.

The Process (if stop signs didn’t exist)

Brian Cowen Parody

I think the whole Brian Cowen thing was blown way out of proportion last week. I don’t think he was drunk on air, he just sounded tired… anyway 98fm did a good job with this parody song…

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