Random Videos 13-8-11

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Guys goes mental in a lift, Mac fan bashes Mac product and the coolest remote control plane you’ll ever see…

Man on the street

This guy speaks a lot of sense but speaks the same sense over and over without any solutions to the problems he’s highlighting. He’s smart, well spoken but thinks anyone in positions of power are against him and the people around him. The growing divide he talks about is fuelled by people like himself imo.

Average Rioter

At least he’s honest…

The ultimate toy

Children, remote control cars and helicopters move over and make way for this… it’s a remote control model plane, with a jet engine in it, with a top speed of almost 600km/hr. I’m not quite sure how (a) the guy that’s controlling it manages to keep it under control (b) how it stays within range.

What we’d all do in our heads, this guy does in reality..

Guy goes in to an elevator and presses his floor button, hoping the doors will close before someone else comes along. The doors don’t quite close and another person goes in. This happens 4 or 5 times and in the end the guy gets so fed up he pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot people. I’ve a funny feeling this is just a viral video but still funny none the less.

‘Instant smoke’ security device

London shop owners take note. This device fills the whole shop up with smoke so that nobody can see anything. Pretty clever.

OS X Lion

If Mac fans are giving out about it, you know it’s bad…

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