Random Links 26-2-11

random links

Here’s a collection of some interesting videos i’ve come across this week. Youtube never fails to deliver when it comes to entertainment…

Space Shuttle Launch from an Airplane

It’s sad to think that space shuttle launches could become a thing of the past…


Because skydiving just isn’t extreme enough…

Homemade Jet Engine

No masks or protection for this guy, just flip a switch and stand beside a jet engine at full blast watching on with your arms folded.

Police -v- Drifter

Real or fake, the police drivers come out of this looking bad. 3 or 4 of them -v- 1 drifter and they can’t even get close to pinning him in…


Avalanche Crossing Ahead

This guy is driving along and gets swept on to the other side of the road by an avalance. Wonder if he had his window open :mrgreen:

Enda Kenny’s Earpiece

It’s funny because it’s true. Well ok, it isn’t true but Enda Kenny (our new Taoiseach) has kept a very low profile during this election and no doubt it’s all tactical. Like a boxer who knows he’s a few points ahead and will win provided he just keeps running around and stays out of trouble.


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