Random Links 24/10/10

random links 24th

It’s a bank holiday weekend which means i’m taking it easy, or at least easier than normal… but i’ve still found time to put this blog post together about random stuff i’ve come across online over the past week or so…

Iraq War Logs Published

Pretty incredible stuff. Exposing lies and cover ups which the US are still trying to cover up. Mind boggling how they react to this – they’re more concerned about protecting themselves from ‘the enemy’ than they are with defining who the enemy is. Unarmed civilians? I don’t think so.

This CNN interview with the wikileaks founder is pretty interesting. Sums up the situation perfectly… the biggest military leak in history and the interviewer wants to focus on the wikileaks founder’s personal life. She questions him on whether he thinks he should step aside because his personality is overshadowing the work wikileaks do. It was a blatant personal attack and reflects poorly on CNN.

Rickroll in space

This rickroll cost $150 in total but i say it’s money well spent. Genius idea.

Crocodile on a plane

It’s not everyday you hear about a plane crash caused by crocodiles on board… it’s like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. 19 passengers were killed, along with the pilot. 1 survived and strangely enough the croc survived too, only to be killed by a machete when rescuers stumbled across it.

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