Random Links 14/12/10

random links

It’s been a big week for videos which is good for me because it allows me to throw some of them up here whilst i study for exams 🙂

Best Interview Ever

Managers are constantly getting fined and brought before boards to explain interviews they give. This guy has gotten himself in to trouble in the past so he just takes the piss during this interview… a great way of saying ‘if i can’t speak my mind, what good are interviews then’…


I initially stumbled upon this a few days ago but watched the first few seconds and dismissed it as a stupid irish ‘waste of my time’ comedy thing. Then today some of the lads in college were talking about it so i had another look and it’s definitely not a waste of time… it’s genius.

Snowmen Hunters

Last week when the country was covered in snow i was very tempted to set up a website about snowmen. I may still do that once i get a bit of time but when carrying out a little ‘research’ i stumbled upon the snowmen hunters… definitely worth a watch.

Stadium Roof Collapses

The Metrodome stadium in Minnesota (US) had a small leak in it’s roof this week.

Police see cerebral palsay sufferer in wheelchair as a threat

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