Random Links 11/1/11

random links

Today i’m busy and couldn’t think of anything original to post that would entertain you more than these videos i’ve come across online, so here they are…

Streaker Fail

Definitely the funniest thing i’ve seen all day. In fact this is the reason why i held my hands up and said to myself – “nothing i can blog about today can beat this for pure entertainment value.”


Flood destroys a car park full of cars in Australia

This is one of these videos that is just racking up the view count with every passing hour. I first seen it when it was at about 100,000 views this afternoon, it’s not at about 700,000. It starts of pretty harmless… just a fast flowing river. By the end of the video we have cars being lifted up and thrown out of the way plus we nearly see one man get swept away as he tries to rescue his vehicle.

Let’s not forget this is Australia, so if land gets flooded, it gets claimed by these guys.

Private Cars 1 – 0 Public Transport

The Japanese would be proud of this one. Not sure whether it’s fake or genuine but in any case it’s definitely not what you were expecting!

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