Random Links 10/7/10

random links 10/7/10

On a daily basis, i stumble across interesting videos and articles on the web so i’ve decided to start blogging about them once a week. This will probably become a regular thing. I’m blogging 7 days a week, so this will also be a nice ‘break’ for myself as i don’t have to put as much thought in to these posts as i do for others…

iphone 4 launch date

I said july 23rd was the rumoured launch date for the new iphone 4 here in Ireland. Looks like i was wrong. Movistar (spanish network) have tweeted july 28th is D-Day.

James Bond Dead

MGM is in the red, so ‘bond 23’ (the next Bond film) gets the axe. It mightn’t be over just yet though as there are talks of a merger between Lionsgate & MGM. Lets hope that does indeed happen as it would be a shame if Bond was left for dead.


Boards.ie launch a groupon-like deals site called boardsdeals.ie. Not a bad idea as they have such a huge user base. I’m really starting to get sick of all of these ‘deal’ sites though. It’s the same idea over and over and over… i can understand when you have a large community already in place, but there are plenty of new sites cropping up with zero community.

Polish Plumbers Work in Cork

This video was uploaded 2 years ago, but seems to have only really gone viral this week. It’s a video of a plumbers work in a house in Cork. The plumber is Polish apparently and you feel sorry for 99% of Polish plumbers because this one guy has single handedly destroyed their rep…


Gazza Radio Interview on Raoul Moat

Yesterday i blogged about the Raoul Moat situation and a few hours after that post he did indeed kill himself. Nothing entertaining about that, however earlier in the evening Gazza showed up on the scene with, and i quote “a dressing gown, a jacket, some chicken, some bread, a can of lager, a fishing rod”….. he spoke live on air with a local radio station and this is the full interview… it doesn’t get any more random than this!!

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