raising my game this week

Last week, i had face to face meetings with two different partners which should show you my commitment and work-rate on various projects. In terms of actual ‘visible’ work though, i didn’t do much (compared to the previous 4 or 5 weeks).

Creative Commons License photo credit: SuperFantastic

This week, however, i’ll be working my ass off in a bid to get at least one new site ready for launch. This will also be my last full week before i head off to London on July 17th. Once i come back from London, i’ll be taking it easy until the first week in August. I say ‘taking it easy’ but that still means 30 hours + of work per week.

It’s very important that i don’t lose my rhythm and work rate at any stage during this ‘easy’ period. Right now, i’m working hard, enjoying myself and have plenty of projects to get excited about. I’d be foolish to change my attitude or style of work at this stage so i’ll be doing my best not to shut myself down completely for these two ‘easy’ weeks coming up (last 2 weeks in July).

That said, i will need to cut back slightly on work and projects so with that in mind, this friday i’ll be ending my ‘free logos‘ offer. So if you were thinking about getting one done, contact me before friday. I won’t listen to any requests after friday (for free logos).

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