Proporta USB charger..

On Monday, i ordered a Proporta USB charger (see the bottom of this post).

Here it is :mrgreen:

cimg1613.JPG cimg1615.JPG

So i now have power on the go at all times – 3 and a half times the power of the n95’s standard battery 😈

It’s a handy back up to have. Especially since it doesn’t need a power socket to charge – just a usb cable and it takes a feed from a computer. So for travelling in different continents, it would be extremely useful.

Total costs including delivery was €45.75. They also included a single english tea bag for some reason :mrgreen: That was the first thing i noticed when i opened the packet – i was like WTF?!

I then read the enclosed letter.. “You’ll have noticed that we’ve included some English tea with your order – have a cup while you contemplate our brochure or website 🙂 ” (yes, they included the smiley by the way!)

So a top notch service from – a real professional service and free tea with every order :mrgreen: You’ll get a 10% discount on hardware and 20% on software with this coupon – PASSITON10. No, that’s not an affiliate code, they don’t have an affiliate section 😥

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