progress on new theme

I’ve been playing with my design software again all day in a bid to create a new theme for myself :mrgreen:

I’m also trying to change a few things in the wicketpixie theme… you can my progress on – i use that site to ‘live’ test any bits and pieces i have… (please don’t tell me things are broken and not working… they’re supposed to be broken as it’s a work in progress!) 😉

I’ve also resurrected my flickr account and downloaded some software which allows me to mass uplaod pictures right from my desktop, so that makes it more useful to me 🙂

As you can see from looking at, i’ve also created a pretty slick background image which fits nicely around the main content.

I’m by no means finished though… i have to create and add a new logo, plus mess about with some plugins, but i’m making progress 🙂

3 thoughts on “progress on new theme”

  1. It’s not Flickr Uploadr is it? I use it and it’s dead handy – even mass updates tags and allows you to add to sets also.

  2. *checks name of program* yeah that’s it – flickr uploadr! it makes uploading images to the web less hassle now… if only flickr would ditch the yahoo ties :mrgreen:

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