Productive times

The past few weeks have been extremely rewarding for me. My video project, although extremely difficult, time consuming and a real challenge, has been an eye opener.

I can’t say it’s ‘easy’ to do this as that would just be lying 😉 but i now have the ability to do things like that in a relatively short space of time. I know how premier pro & after effects work (two of the major video editing apps) and although i’m by no means an expert in either, i’ve taught myself the basics which is all i could aim for in the space of 6-8 weeks.

To keep these sort of high standards up for 30 minutes of video is difficult if not impossible when it’s a one man job but i’ve no doubt the final product will look well and be better than anything that has been submitted ever before for this specific module.

There’s still a lot of work to be done but when i look back on the stuff i’ve done so far and step back from it, i ask myself how the hell i’ve managed to improve this much in the space of a few short week… it’s incredible.

I’m also well on the way to cementing a frontpage finish for this geansai gorm contest. Don’t be fooled by my ‘top 3 / frontpage’ speil – i’m aiming for no.1 spot and i WILL NOT be totally happy until i get it. It’s not as if it’s idle/fantasy talk either… i’ve laid the foundations for a no.1 site and am hovering around the top 10 results already without any major work.

With the likes of that video, this diagram;

Geansai Gorm Diagram

and a short story on the way (stay tuned for that!), i’m doing everything in my power to reach that top spot in Google. It’s a battle of brains and a fascinating journey. These sort of contests will teach you all you need to know about SEO and you can expect me to nail these type of contests in the future as i’m a quick learner 😉

Right now, i’m probably right on form. All of this stuff won’t give me any direct reward – i knew that before i took it all on… but what it will give me is a reputation and invaluable skills 🙂

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