productive time wasting

This morning i had 4 hours free in college. Although i’d prefer to spend that time at home, i actually don’t mind having that amount of free time in college these days mainly because all i need is a desk – i’m not relying on computers to be free or wifi to be working thanks to my netbook & o2 broadband.

friday schedule
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I have several tactics to help pass the time – all designed to make me productive. They include;

  • searching for & adding targetted followers to my twitter account or’s twitter account.
  • starting new blog posts on or
  • check google analytics and try to find new trends / potential areas i can exploit / improve on.

Today, i got three full blog posts finished & scheduled to appear on over the next few days. I also added new twitter friends and started working on even more new features.

If i can maintain a 1 post per day ratio on, the site will continue to grow – just like this blog has. Finding the time to do that and build it in to my daily routine isn’t easy,  but i have no choice. I either extend my waking hours or try and fit it in to any gaps i can find in my day…

Today was a good example of how an opportunity can present itself to flip wasted time in to productive time and i’m always looking for those sort of opportunities 🙂 Depending on motivation levels, it makes sense that you have multiple tasks at the ready…

Sometimes i’ll find myself with some free time but really don’t have the brain power to sit down and write a blog post. That’s when i’ll add targetted twitter friends or have a look at stats – it’s easier to do, yet still very useful and productive.

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