Presentation problems..

I’m facing a bit of a problem regarding my presentation

It’s not the problem most people worry about – How can i use up all the time?, what direction will i look when i’m talking?, will i add in a joke or keep it all business like?

The problem i have is fitting all of my slides into my alloted time of 20/30 minutes. I’ve done a little test presentation in my head and it ran for about 45 minutes, and i thought i was going through things quite quickly 😯

So i’m either going to have to race through stuff or really condense my slides… i don’t want to overload people with information so i’m now looking at deleting material/condensing two or three slides into one point.

I could probably write a book on blogging so here lies the problem.. i have too much information on the subject to fit into 20 minutes, i don’t know where to start 😆

I mean i could probably spend 20 minutes talking about SEO alone, then another 20 on how to monetize blogs… so i’m facing a ‘nice’ headache in that sense. Now i know how Sir Alex Ferguson feels when he has to choose either Saha or Tevez to partner Rooney upfront, or Carrick or Hargreaves to partner Scholes in Midfield… :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Presentation problems..”

  1. Simplicity is the key …. and brevity.

    Don’t go too indepth into specifics …. a taste of the different areas should work best.

    A lot of your audience won’t have much first hand experience of blogs other than an idea that they’re some kind of diary.

    The few that know a little more …. have some nice tidbits of info that they’ll take away after listening to you.

    What about having presentation notes and providing a link to your audience so that they can download them?

    What about pushing the boat out and providing the notes via the smemon domain ….. voila … more readers ….. 😀

    Your blog/business ideas are a great future IT project/coursework idea for you ….. kill two birds with the one stone … develop your business while using it to get your course grades/marks/credits!

    You have a captive audience … all captive/future customers!! :mrgreen:

  2. yeah some good advice there 🙂

    don’t worry, i have my blog as a watermark background throughout, plus as a ‘useful resource’ at the end of the presentation so loads of self promoting 😈

    i also have 2 or 3 screenshots of it to explain SEO, give examples of the types of advertising etc..

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