preparing for the big operation

Notice anything different on the site today? You should. In preparation for the big revamp, i’ve started doing a bit of a spring clean on The new theme is almost ready but rather than introduce it overnight, i thought i’d gradually simplify the existing theme to get everyone used to a new streamlined – no clutter.

Up until lunchtime today, this is how the site looked;


Right now, this is how it looks;


As you can see i’ve stripped out all graphic ads. I’ve also removed the feedback tab on the extreme left of the site. Finally, i’ve removed my advertise page. In the background i’ve removed some plugins that i no longer need & i’ve cleaned up the database.

I’m not exactly sure when i’ll launch the new theme (it’ll be within the next two weeks), but it’s now ready to rock and roll on my command… i just need a bit of free time to make sure the transition from old to new all goes smoothly.

Whilst i’m on the subject of this blog, it’s worth pointing out my RSS subscriber count hit the magic 500 for the first time ever yesterday. It was also pointed out to me that my word count is now approaching 500,000 which is an incredible statistic. To put that in to some sort of perspective, The Bible (old and new testaments combined) totals 774,746 words 🙂

So i suppose that’s the new ‘target’… on average my posts are about 300 words each. So to equal the Bible’s word count, it will take approximately 990 more posts or roughly about 3 more years of blogging. If i’m still alive and well in 3 years time, i’ll be expecting to have hit that target 😉

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  1. Change your comment form too …. it sends me an email (which i don't want), and it forgets my details so that if I want to comment again I have to re-input my details …. something I am slow to do …. laziness on my part I know … but if commenting was easier I'd talk more often! 🙂

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