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This week will be my last before i start a third year in college. It’s hard to believe this will be year 3, but i’m not one to reminisce. Once this year is finished up, i’ll have a degree in Computer Applications & Support and i’ll technically be finished college. The plan, as things stand, is to do an add on degree in IT management after that, but i’ll focus on getting this year over me first.

Energy Efficient
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Last year, it was a case of frustration for me in college. The course itself was relatively easy, but i lost a lot of time with wi-fi being down or not useable. I then came down with a really bad chest infection for about 4/5 weeks around Christmas and that drained me.

I started 2009 flying but as soon as i came back to college after Christmas break, my work rate dropped significantly. I bought a netbook which helped but it’s not much good without stable wi-fi.

This year, i’m well prepared. I’m getting myself mobile broadband next month for my netbook. I’ve also ordered a neverlate executive alarm clock to help get me out of bed in the mornings.

In terms of online work, i have way more on now than i did this time last year and whilst that can be seen as a negative, i actually enjoy being able to float between projects. Last year, for various reasons, my sleep patterns weren’t great either. I’d get maybe 5/6 hours a night but i’m hoping to get 7 minimum every night this year.

I’ve trained myself to make do without about 8 hours sleep every night over the summer so that once i start college, my sleep won’t be disrupted too much. Sleep at 3am, up at 11am is my summer schedule. Sleep at 12am, up at 7am will be my college schedule.

I’m a big fan of routine and efficiency so i’m hoping this year will be much more productive than last both inside and out of college.

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  1. Well I wish you much luck with sticking to your sleep schedule. The executive clock should be of great help. I checked out the post and looks like that clock does everything but cook you breakfast in the morning.

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