Premier League Fantasy Football

It’s that time of year again – fantasy football time :mrgreen:

I forget about this every year and end up joining after the first week and everyone else gets a headstart 😡

Thanks to cormac’s post, it reminded me about it so i’ve done my homework and put together a strong squad.

Yes i said squad. Injuries have plagued me in the past as there could be 2 big guns dropped or injured and my bench was full of cheap nobody’s who don’t play and were bought to make up the numbers.


I’ve bought the spine of Utd – Vidic, Ronaldo, Rooney. I’ve also bought Gerrard and Torres from Liverpool. Those 5 are the big guns. All capable of scoring. My other 6 ain’t exactly making up the numbers either.. Kilbane, Richardson, Dunne, Mellberg, King and Niemi as a goalkeeper.

I’ve chosen Ronaldo as captain as i expect him to score and assist plenty (Your captain gets double points).

Notice how i’ve refused to buy Chelsea players 😉 I also have no Arsenal players but that wasn’t deliberate, it’s just because they have no decent players 😆

My whole squad should be playing every week so if one or two of my starting 11 get injured or get dropped, i should pick up some points if my subs play which they should do as they’re regulars.

7 thoughts on “Premier League Fantasy Football”

  1. Shud have bought more from Sunderland. there fairly cheap but will prove good this season i reckon. good luck with it anyway

  2. Yeah richardson is a decent player and he’ll be a regular at sunderland. A snap at 5.5m. Sunderland themselves should do well, but you can only buy 3 players from any one side..

    I’ve bought 3 from sunderland; richardson, miller and ward (my sub keeper). Hopefully i’ll do well this year 😈

  3. hey…nice team but i would have prefered;defenders:Puyol(FCB),Ferdinand(MUFC), Gallas(AFC) and Terry(CFC); Midfieldes:Gerrard(LFC),Kuyt(LFC),C.Ronaldo(RMFC) and Lionel Messi(FCB); Centre Forward:F.Torres(LFC) and Berbatov(MUFC)

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