Powerpoint Alternatives..

Presentations are a pain in the ass for most people, lets face it.

The majority of people who give presentations:

  • (a) don’t want to be there
  • (b) don’t know what they’re talking about
  • (c) don’t know how to use powerpoint properly/professionally

It’s something i’ve looked into the past few days.. the physchology involved in colours/images and use of sound, body language, humour etc…

It’s great knowing all of this stuff, but at the end of the day, i’m limited by powerpoint.. is there any real alternative software out there?? You see every single one of us will be using powerpoint to give presentations (that’s like 60+ presentations). That’s bad for me as it means i’m on an equal playing field with everyone.

There’s only so much you can do in powerpoint.. i spoke about simplifying things and how crucial that is, but it’s always nice to blow people away and break the mould… someone has to do it.

Like i’ve said before, if i don’t set standards, that means i follow them and that means i’m second best. Verbal presentations can’t really be prepared… you study a subject, have a few main points and develop them ‘on the spot’. That can be tough if you can’t focus or are still half asleep etc.. So there’s room for mistakes….

For the powerpoint presentation though, you have no excuses. You’ve had days/weeks to prepare it and tweak it. If it’s not up to scratch, you rely on your verbal presentation to recover…. like i said above, the verbal presentation isn’t predictable, it’s ‘think as you go’ material. So if your verbal presentation is weak, and your powerpoint is weak, it’s a fail as you’ve failed to sell the idea twice.

At least if the graphics/audio/video are top quality, you stand a chance of selling the idea.

What am i using for my presentation? I’m using powerpoint, but let’s just say it’s powerpoint on steroids 😈 I’ve discovered a nice little package which works with powerpoint and ‘jazzes’ it up a bit 😉

Once i’ve my presentation done, i’ll blog about it.

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