powerhouse XPS on the way

I’m just off the phone with Dell, having spent the last 45 minutes talking with them 😀 I did have my phone recording to start off but the battery died and not surprising really as i didn’t expect to be talking for that long.

I didn’t get the deal i wanted hoped for and ended up paying a grand (€1k) for the full system. Full specs below;

But they didn’t get it all their way 😉

At present, online, you can’t buy a quadcore with a 512mb 8800GT graphics card. Guess what i got?! Coup no.1 😎

You also pay for delivery online, i got it included into the price.

As soon as i mentioned the word ‘discount’ there was a big silence… “eh, now sir, let me run over the specs again….” 😀 I’d met my match on the Dell sales team, she was driving a very hard bargain – i had every possible angle covered online and was more than prepared with my price lists & questions, but i expected it to be easier to get a discount.

They tried to play dumb when i quizzed them on a 10% coupon, but i wasn’t falling for that and ended up emailing them their own newsletter to prove i had a valid 10% discount coupon 🙄

The old student discount thing wasn’t working and the woman i was talking to sounded indian although she was in Dublin, so that made things pretty difficult as she could always play the ‘repeat the question’ card. I was offered all the software and anti-virus crap which obviously i didn’t take.

So a ‘decent’ deal overall. I’m happy as i got a few extra things thrown in that i couldn’t have got online, and i’m sure the sales person is happy having made a sale of €1k late on friday evening – that was also deliberate by the way 😉 I figured late Friday evening is when people are usually most tired/bored/fed up at work and would be more than happy to throw fre things at me to seal a deal. Didn’t work out like that but in fairness they did sort of meet me in middle ground.

So a quadcore, 512mb graphics card & 4gigs of RAM on the way. It’s show time 🙂

According to Dell, it will arrive before or on 14th May at the latest. So i’ll have it before i finish my college summer exams. Perfect timing!

Buying online is definitely less hassle and fastest method of buying a PC… after 45 minutes on the phone, if i didn’t come out with something it would have been a huge waste of time 😀 Had i been talking with an irish person i might have been able to get a better deal but even then, best case scanrio for all the above would be about €900 i’d imagine – which is only €100 off what i paid and hopefully it’ll all pay for itself anyway over the coming weeks and months!

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