possible to fall behind in an IT course?

Ending up in an IT job is something of a formality for me at this stage..

Whether i’m on my own working or working for someone else, that’s another matter..

But there are a few perks to working with computers and technology in general..


The biggest plus is that help is always at hand.. unlike say, a carpenter, in IT, if you have a problem, you can google it and more than likely find the solution within minutes.. if not, you can head to yahoo answers, forums or worst case scenario pay someone to come up with the solution..

So you can have an answer/solution to a problem just like that.. almost instantly… in no other industry do you have that knowledge ‘on tap’. For example, if you’re a carpenter wondering how to hand carve a tree, there are no tutorials or help at hand.. anyone who can do that probably isn’t online so therefore they are hidden and have to be contacted by phone/face to face… of course you won’t know their number, or their name, so that’s not much good 😎

On the other hand, for example with me learning VB, i can go online and look at video tutorials on youtube, browse through help/FAQ’s, look through forums for answers/debates.. there’s a minefield of information on the subject all just a few clicks away and it’s free..

So miss a few lectures and all is not lost, i can always catch up online.. you can’t do that in many subjects.. so studying anything tech related really is a huge plus. Falling behind in computers is something that isn’t really possible as all the information you need, and much more, is literally at your fingertips for free… so falling behind can only be down to laziness or lack of interest/motivation.

That’s my take anyway on the matter… as an ex-teacher used to say to me; “the information is all there, it’s just a matter of learning it”.

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