Portable USB apps

Since i got my invincible 16gb memory stick, i’m pretty confident it’s here long term, unlike my last usb drive. Time to start adding portable apps.

Portable apps are basically slimmed down versions of full applications that you would have installed on your PC. Did you know for example there’s portable versions of firefox, filezilla, vlc player etc…?

You’ll find all you need here at portableapps.com

With the portable versions you can simply click ‘run’ and they’ll run as they are… no installing or hitting next 10 times then rebooting – these apps just run by clicking on them.

Very handy if you’re chopping and changing computers a lot of if you’re on holidays etc… it’s essential for me and my college work.

it means you’ll always have your favourite apps everywhere you go and don’t need to download and install them on every PC you sit at :mrgreen:

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