popping over to cardiff for the weekend

Waayyyy back in junne i blogged about how i’d nabbed ridiculously low cost flights and hotel accomodation in Cardiff, Wales for the Ireland-v-Wales Euro 2008 qualifying match.


Well that’s now coming up this weekend, so from Friday to Sunday, i’ll be away in Wales. Tough life.

Anyway, Ireland are out of the tournament, as are Wales so it’s a nothing match really. That said, nobody likes losing and our job as Irish fans is to own the Wales home crowd in the volume category 😎

It’ll be fun, and i’ll take loads of pics, but it’s not a great feeling going to a match that nobody wants to play or go to. It has to be done, but it’s like going mass or something – you’re just going because you have to, not out of free will. So it’s up to the lads to put on a show and win it convincingly.

We’re without a manager after Stan was sacked. That makes it a little easier to go to/watch, but i’m not expecting much due to the circumstances with managers/group table/injuries.

We do however face the mighty Brazil in February so that IS something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “popping over to cardiff for the weekend”

  1. yeah good idea benny, the millenium stadium looks great so if it’s full it will make a nice panoramic :mrgreen:

    i’ve booked a tour of it on friday so i’ll get it nice and empty – all to myself, then obviously it’ll be full for the match.

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