Playing with Premier Pro

As some of you will know, i’m currently filming/editing/acting in a short film as a college project. Don’t worry, it’s not as professional as it sounds 😉 It’s a mock up of the hit TV series Dragon’s Den and i’m the man responsible for editing which will, let’s face it, make or break any video production.

This is my first real attempt at using premier pro… I added in a few subtle transition effects and cloned the same person 5 times which looks hilarious from a distance :mrgreen:


The reason why the one person is doing all 5 Dragons is mainly because this guy is hands down, the best actor (and has all 5 voices down to a tee). It’s also due to the fact i CAN clone him as people who don’t read my blog will be wondering WTF is up when they see the video… is it editing? is it a different person? how is that done?! They’ll have to look twice.

So it’s a clever use of software and i can the cut back and forth between the presentations and the dragon’s reactions. We’re also bringing in a (fake) IRA member and a jedi in to this (please don’t ask me how or why!) in full costumes so it’s gonna make for some *interesting* viewing.

We also have several stupid but hilarious ideas to present to the Dragons… BeerChief will be the only serious one and i’ll be doing that (it’s also free promotion for me in front of potentially hundreds of people) 👿 Although that above video looks pretty good, i’ve yet to touch up the ‘lines’ and cut back and forth between panning shots and closeups of each Dragon so the real deal should look much more professional.

We then have to present the entire project (video and all) to a few lecturers who will mark us. So it’s gamble going for ‘serious’ comedy as that can always backfire but i think we have the ideas and personnel to pull it off 🙂

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