playing games to study maths

I’ve said before one of the major benefits of doing an IT course is that everything you need is online. It’s just a case of finding it or taking the time to find it.

As you’ll all know i started studying for maths last week… i ended up playing games online but fear not – they’re games which help me learn about maths :mrgreen:

I hadn’t a clue what a ‘planer’ graph was before today. After playing this game – it all made it so clear… none of the lines or ‘edges’ can overlap. That’s it. So simple. One problem cleared up by playing a game for 3 minutes.

Forget two or three paragraphs of boring text, show us the damn games!!

Anyway, it’s very much a case of getting down to business now. Despite the fact it’s only one exam, there’s more pressure now than there was on any of the other 11 modules i’d passed first time.

That’s good. It means i know what i have to do and i only have one chance to do it – that’s when i work best. I also think the experience of a repeat is a good thing for me, especially so early on in college (with 2/3 years left).

It means i’ll be more pumped up for exams from now on… any exams i do this year and next, actually mean something… it’s not just about passing or failing, it’s about honors / ordinary / fail 🙂

Honors require a 70%+ average. That’s not easy, no matter who you are… it takes time and a lot of dedication…

It doesn’t bother me too much though if i end up with an ordinary degree, as i know the difference between ordinary and honors will be my online work.

Nobody can question my dedication to my online work 😉 I’m 2 years doing this now, but i’m slowly starting to see how things work online. College stills comes 2nd and always will until someone can show me how an honors degree outclasses and ordinary degree + bags of experience.

This week however, college comes first (until thursday at about 5pm!) 😉

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  1. Haha i agree with you there 😀 i think they should make games for all the questions! More fun and you would most likely pay more attention

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