Playing Catch Up

When i arrived back from Paris on Friday morning i had 77 emails in my inbox. I also had to get all my pictures and videos categorized and uploaded as i knew if i left it any longer, i’d never put them online 🙂 So i got most of the pictures uploaded yesterday to my flickr account. Here’s a few panoramic shots i added today…

Shannon Airport


stade de france

I’d upload the videos only they take forever to upload on a 3mb connection. The videos are all in HD and all 100mb + in size so they simply take too long to upload. Still, i’ll get there eventually and i already have one uploaded…


This weekend there’s only one thing on my mind – an project that has to be done for Monday. I’ve made some progress today but it’ll be a late night tomorrow… I also have a lot of other college work to get done before our exams in mid December.

Presentations, assignments, projects… there’ll be a few more exams too before my main Christmas exams so it’s a very busy time for me in college. It’s eating up all my thoughts & time so i’ll be glad to ‘get rid’ of college for 4 or 5 weeks over Christmas.

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