plans for……

i’ve drawn up a list of things i hope to implement on

  • new logo (glossy, polished)? …. school/college theme if possible.
  • new site layout/style with integrated space for adsense (web 2.0 look)
  • Black shiney background, very light orange foreground. Page should be between 50%-70%
  • Main foreground page surrounded by dark orange shiney border.
  • Member section where members have access to everything.

There will be 5 main menu buttons, centrally located underneath the header… ‘Home’, ‘Subjects’, ‘Forum’, ‘Tips’ and ‘Links’.

‘Subjects’ will take you to a page full of thumbnail boxed images and headings. Members will be allowed rate subjects and add comments. When you click on a subject, you will be taken to it’s rating and comments along with notes for that subject.

‘Tips’ will take you to a database of member submitted tips which can include pictures as well as text… a random tip will appear in a box at the top of the page. Members can rate the tip 1-10. Users can then search for ‘highest rated tips’ and ‘most viewed tip’.

New Notes Section…
A section for people to upload word/excel/text files into a sorted database. e.g. if i have biology notes, i want to upload them into the ‘biology’ section. All uploads should include a description of the notes and the author.

Integrated Forum design…
atm, i just have a general smf theme i picked up, ideally, i’d want it to blend into the site design.

my main rivals are and, i want the site to eclipse those two in terms of looks. Also, i want the site to be simple and quick. No flash, no drop down menus etc..
i can’t put a time of this, and i can’t guarantee it will all be done but they are my plans and i’m going to start looking for designers soon…

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