plans for the christmas holidays


I finish my Christmas college exams on December 23rd and start back at college on January 17th. A total of 26 days free from college classes…

Realistically though i’ll only have about half of that time ‘free’… very little will be spent doing college work because it’s sucked up most of my time for the last few months so it ‘deserves’ to be ignored over christmas. It’s time to focus on web stuff.

Blog Revamp

I intend to sit down and revamp this blog early in the new year. It’s getting a little stale and starting to annoy me. I won’t have the time to sit down a create a theme from scratch so i’ll just buy the best looking theme i can find and customise it.

Business Plans

Over the last week or so i’ve started thinking seriously about creating a web based business. The idea for it isn’t new, it’s just a new approach to one of my old ideas which i think can really work if done ‘properly’. What do i mean by ‘properly’? Well, more than likely getting a bit of funding, building it from the ground up and working with equally motivated people.

I’ll more than likely try to get support at college next year, whilst i’m still a student. From May 2011 onwards i could well be an ex-student, so the time is right to make use of the resources & expertise available to me.

ΣÏ...νάντηση με τον Jeff Clavier
Creative Commons License photo credit: AnnaDiamantopoulou

I’m already spending a lot of time thinking about this so over Christmas i’ll think about it further and try to put some structure on all of these plans and thoughts. I think it’s important to *try* and make your best idea work before you sign on the dotted line to make other people’s ideas work, which is essentially what i’d be doing if i were to come out of college and get a job in some business.

Right now, even getting a job is difficult and extremely competitive so i think it makes sense to start your own business… even the big established ones are crumbling all around us and i never think of any job in IT as stable so i don’t think it’s healthy to leave college ‘trying to find a job’… why not create one and try to take control of my own path? It makes more sense to me and i’ve nothing to lose…

The worst that can a happen is that the project fails but even at that, it will still have value – i’ll have learned a great deal.

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