Plans for Christmas

In a way, Christmas is a bit of a timewaster in that everyone is offline and not in work mode, so it makes blogging and ‘working’ online very difficult.

That project i’m working on sort of has to take a back seat, simply because it’s that time of year where everyone has plans and most of them don’t involve being online, so it’s very difficult to plan or organise or even talk to people online 😛

I’ll probably be online Christmas Day at some stage… who am i kidding, in fact i know i will :mrgreen:

I’m the skype master for the family and we’ll skype over to relatives in the States 😎

Anyway, the plans look like this;

Christmas Eve

  • Last minute shopping (happens me every year, where i forget to get something or am just too lazy to buy something before that)
  • Christmas Eve Mass – hate going to mass Christmas Day as it’s not something you look forward to 😉

Christmas Day

  • Get up bout 11am. (having set my alarm, i don’t want to wake up at like 1pm :mrgreen: )
  • Open presents/give presents.
  • Dinner at about 2/3pm.
  • Mess about with presents.
  • Skype to relatives, mess about with laptop/internet.
  • Chill out with girlfriend

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