Planning, Organising, Control..

These 3 skills and their definitions were drilled into me during Business Studies class…

It’s a week until i go to London, but there’s been quite a lot of planning involved… flights, hotels, concert tickets, train tickets, parking, knowing when things are open/closed.. getting the timing right…. all of these things need to be planned and organised well in advance.

Had i just showed up at the airport and gone to London with no plans made, it would cost me time. Waiting in queues to book tickets for London Eye, queueing up for train tickets, finding out where the hotel is, where my nearest tube station is etc… I’m going for 2 days, so i want to save as much time as possible..

I’ve booked everything i can onlone and also printed out maps with key locations marked so i know where i am and where the nearest tube is. Not only does it save me time and frustration, but it also saves me cash; it’s much cheaper to buy tickets and hotels online than it is to just buy them on the spot.

Take for example the London Stansted Express; £47 return for 2 people on the official website (more if you buy them at the airport itself). I got them for £39 through ryanair… (very hard to find link, for some reason they don’t promote it).

So a few hours planning things and thinking things through NOW, will save me a few hours & a few quid in London 😉 Bottom line; planning is good 😎

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