Planning for the future

I’m happy with my own rate of development at the minute. So long as there’s visible progress i’m always happy.

Last night, i created the bones of a new portfolio section on this blog. I’ve split it up in to ‘current projects‘ and ‘past projects‘ and stuck them in under a ‘portfolio’ heading in the main menu.

portfolioIt’s very important i have a place where i can keep track of my projects and look back on past projects. I can then see visible progress. So can you. Nobody can then accuse me of slacking off or not doing enough – i’ve nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. If my sites aren’t improving or my portfolio isn’t being added to, then people can start asking questions, i must also start asking myself questions.

There is always a quantity -v- quality debate but i’d like to hit that balance right between the eyes 🙂 I can’t look after a dozen sites myself, but if i have help and partners on certain sites, it lightens the load (plus motivates me as i don’t want to let the other person/people down).

So that’s why i’m getting involved in more and more partnership sites. It’s also for the experience, the contacts, the fun involved in creating a new project and bringing an idea to life. I’ve got 6 exams starting the week after next, but after that it’s plain sailing until September – i can do what i want when i want.

BeerChief will be taken care of and i’m eager to bring it up to standards… you can expect more massive, sweeping changes as things begin to get a lot more serious, a lot more often. By September, i don’t want to be heading back to college still needing to carry out work on BeerChief. I want to be in a position where i can simply promote it and focus on getting members signed up and using the site.

So in order to get to that stage, work must be carried out over the summer. And it will be.

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