pics or it didn’t happen


There’s a rule on forums & chatrooms called ‘Rule 1’. Or people will also say things like ‘pics or it didn’t happen’. This means post pictures to prove what you’ve just said or to educate us on this specific subject…

If nobody can see you, you don’t exist.

The chances are, your family tree gets a little murky when you go 4 or 5 levels deep. Why? Because people didn’t publish enough information about themselves back in those days. The first photo was taken less than 200 years ago and video as we know it didn’t come along for a good while after that.

Pen and paper has been around a lot longer but it tends to get burned, ripped or recycled. Carving stuff on stones is in fact the best way to make sure your message stand the test of time (cavemen will back me up on that) but it’s not very practical in this day and age.

Most of us have photos, we have a device capable of recording video, we have a computer… so why don’t we publish more information or record more information about ourselves and our lives?

What did i do this week?

If weeks, months or years are passing you by and you can’t list achievements or goals or show anything for that ‘time’ you’ve spent on earth, you’ve lived but there is little record of it, so you may as well not have lived to future generations who may happen to look back on your life.

Creative Commons License photo credit: *eddie

One of the reasons i blog daily is because i view it as something productive, i get some sense of achievement after i hit that ‘publish’ button on each post. I don’t view driving up and down to college every day and learning as an achievement. Even though longer term that leads to some kind of achievement.

For me i like to look back on a day and have something to show for it. Otherwise, i regard it was time wasted. Pictures help with that. A good picture is just as satisfying as a blog post. Bottom line; it’s all about content creation. If none of us create anything, we can’t be distinguished from each other.

Are you just a number?

If there are no photos, no video, no text then people just become numbers as opposed to people we can identify and attach stories to. How many people have been on this planet and left it without a trace? Nobody knows, because to us, those guys didn’t exist. Unless we have solid, concrete evidence somebody existed, they didn’t exist. Blind faith doesn’t cut it today, we’re taught to believe in facts and search for answers.

NEW ZEALAND 2000s ---1 and I, O and 0 font differences
Creative Commons License photo credit: woody1778a

The best way to make sure you’re not a number and leave your stamp on life is to take pictures, take video, write & produce as much content as possible…

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