photo investments


Quite often i’ll take photos of stuff with the future in mind. Let’s say i pass a bin full of rubbish, i’ll be thinking to myself, “hmm… that could be used as a metaphor for something in a blog *snap*”… then it’ll get uploaded to flickr and released under a cc licence for anyone to use…


I don’t want to become a pro photographer, but if i did, i’d probably have a camera in my hand 24 hours a day. It makes sense to proactively snap things which may have no value now, but may hold great value in the future. It’s like investing in anything…

I keep reading about this PSN hacking stuff and thought to myself enough is enough. I have a ps3 and i need to encapsulate the mood of psn users or at the very least sum up what has gone on over the past couple of months in one photo. That was my mission. I set myself that goal, thought about how best to go about it, then executed the plan, all within 5 minutes or less.

The result is this;

playstation 3


I call this a photo investment. This is a hot topic, i’ve lost count of the amount of times Sony have actually been hacked or attacked over the past couple of months and of course the story has been splashed over papers & mainstream media.

Should another attack take place, people start writing & reporting and they also go looking for photos. Many want cheap or free photos that help best represent whatever it is they’re talking about. If i were writing about Sony being hacked i’d want something edgy or funny…

That’s where that photo above comes in. Do a search for creative commons licensed content available for commercial usage on flickr and that photo is already amongst the top few results. And that’s how you get your work seen. Easy. Now all i have to do is sit and wait for another attack on the playstation network and watch my hypothesis play out… shouldn’t take too long :mrgreen:


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