photo day on thursday


This Thursday i’ll be going somewhere. I’ll have my camera with me too. Giant’s Causeway is no.1 on the list at the minute although that could change…

I’ve never been to the Giant’s Causeway or if i have i can’t remember it 🙂 It’s a mission of mine to get around all the major irish tourist attractions within the next couple of years. Now that i have a fairly reliable, new car i’ll be able to wander off without having to worry about calling for roadside assistance.

Here’s some big irish tourist attractions which i’ll be visiting over the next while….

  • Giant’s Causeway
  • Cliffs of Mohar
  • Newgrange
  • Blarney Stone
  • Marble Arch Caves
  • Powerscourt

None of them are close to what i call home. The closest is over an hours drive away so really i’d need a full day to visit each of them. Perhaps i’ll be able to get a few in if i stay overnight somewhere. But that will be later on in the year. To start off, i’ll be visiting one on Thursday.

Photos, photos and more photos is the aim.

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