phone calls as a last resort..

It’s not often i’ll ring up to inquire about something or get something done.. for example when inquiring about hotels, phone companies or something i bought online that hasn’t showed up. I’ll only phone as a last resort and if emails get me nowhere..

You know that phone i ordered nearly 2 weeks ago, it still hasn’t showed up and i’m about to flatten someone in Meteor as they sent me this;

Thank you for your email,

With regards to your email, I have forward you email onto the online Store. They will be in contact with you regarding your order apologise for the delay.

Look at the grammar; ‘i have forward you’… ‘apologise for the delay’…. 🙄 I’m glad i didn’t ring up as i’d probably have gotten nowhere with that sort of language barrier.

So anyway, this guy is a clever clogs, offloading a bit of work on to someone else.. delaying me further.

Time to get nasty and word my reply with a bit more venom than my initial inquiry. Once i get a reply, i’ll show you guys how to give someone the hairdryer treatment in emails 😉 I believe it’s far more effective than in phone calls.

There’s a number of reasons why i don’t ring companies;

  • cost, it’s not free like email 😉
  • people who don’t care – quite often you’ll be talking to someone who has no idea about what their company does so it’s like talking to wall.
  • “please hold for one moment” 😡 see no.2 also..
  • time; apart from being put on hold or dragged through an automated press 1,4,5 etc.. you can actually spend quite some time explaining the situation. If you have to call back again, you have to explain it again.. and that soon gets frustrating 😉

emails are much less stressful and you can say exactly what you want to say only once, no need to explain multiple times, plus there’s no language barrier – quite often you’ll be speaking to indians/chinese call centre workers with broken english.

emails are free, plus if they’re any sort of a comapny you’ll get a reply within a few days. Very rarely do you need instant answers.. so that’s why i never call companies. If i called them instead of emailing them, i can assure you i’d be a much angrier person 😆

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