permanent 1c calls with O2

I’m on O2 Ireland prepay.

Apart from o2’s text bundles, they don’t have much going for them. Or that’s what i thought.

I’ve just discovered a new feature on – the ability to add 3 friends to a list and get 1c calls in the evenings and weekends :mrgreen: You can also change your status online to either ‘early bird’ or ‘night owl’.. ‘early bird’ being cheaper during the day, dearer at night, ‘night owl’ being the opposite.


As i really only ring 2 or 3 people max, it’ll save me an absolute fortune in the long term 🙂 If i was a really penny pincher, i *could* buy another sim card, register it for the ‘early bird’ package and get 1c calls to 3 different numbers during the day 😉

Great news for all pre-paid O2 Ireland customers 😆

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