perfecting my blog..

No blog is perfect.. i think every blogger has bits and bobs they want to add or want to change..

I know with this blog, there are several things on my to-do list but i never seem to get round to them.. but today, i’ve made a few changes:

  • As a sort of thank you to you guys, i’ve added a plugin called ‘top commentators‘ which basically lists my top 10 commentators site-wide and their url. This is basically a free backlink to your site/blog and pretty easy to get at the minute as i don’t have many comments.. i’m expecting the site to rise in PR value so pretty soon, it will be a free PR4 or 5 backlink for my readers :mrgreen:
  • another tweak i’ve made is again to the comments area.. you may have noticed a ‘subscribe to comments’ box underneath the comment box.. this basically sends an email to you telling you if anyone has replied to a comment you made on a particular post. Not a massive change, but it maybe of some value to my commentators 😉
  • Finally, i’ve added a plugin called ‘lightbox plugin 2‘ which uses AJAX code to open images in full size without re-directing to a seperate page. A nice touch and it looks way better than loading a new page.. check it out in action here;


6 thoughts on “perfecting my blog..”

  1. I think the best thing you can do to get more comments is to comment on the blogs of your current commentors so they know you appreciate them visiting your site etc

    Im not talking about me specifically 😉

  2. Hi, was just searchin google for usage of timestamp, and stumbled upon your blog. Very helpfull- hmm I set the timestamp to go off, however it never posted? Anything tricky I should kno about haha?

  3. hmm.. timestamp should do what it says on the tin 😉

    only things i can think of are double checking the time you set it for (make sure it’s 24hour format), make sure date is today’s date – 7th. It’s around midnight so there might be confusion with the date ❓

  4. Thanks for the link back. I agree with Glen on returning the visit and commenting, which is even better if they disabled nofollow in their comment links 🙂

  5. I’ve found the subscribe to comments plugin on WP very helpful, both for myself to keep track of comments and to encourage users to come back and read and follow the conversation.

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