PC gets nuked tomorrow

Last night, i defragged my hard drive, ran several virus scanners and offloaded a lot of junk i don’t use. The system is still pretty slow though, it could be a faster.

To continue erasing things i don’t need is pointless, it’d be much quicker just to make a list of the things i do need, back them up and then just nuke everything in sight and run a fresh installation of windows vista.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Paul Excoff

So tonight, i’m backing up as much as i can to an external hard drive and then i’ll format my PC’s hard drive and install a fresh version of vista. I should see a noticeable improvement in performance.

This has to be done every now and then with any PC. Whilst it’s a lot of work and a lot of hassle, it’s worth it. It’s like getting a brand new PC, only it costs nothing :mrgreen:

It could take 2 full days though to backup all the important stuff, format harddrives, install latest drivers, re-install OS, add old files back, re-install old programs, make systems tweaks to get things back to the way they were before (on the interface side of things)…

Once everything is installed and running properly, i defrag the hard drive again and run cleaners & virus scanners – just to makes sure everything is all nice and tightly packed in to together and working smoothly.

At that stage, i’ll clone the hard drive and it will act as a proper, full backup that i know i’ll always have if i need to do this again 🙂

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