paypal account restored

I mentioned a few days ago my paypal account had been limited. That’s because they automatically limit any account which receives more than €2500.

This meant i couldn’t spend or transfer any of my $2550 balance!

Now ok, i should have dumped that cash in to my bank account but i didn’t for a number of reasons;

  1. I’ve never withdrawn money from my paypal a/c before and doing so would now only look very suspicious.
  2. I’d get hit with all sorts of fees and poor exchange rates when transferring the cash from bank to bank… or paypal to bank- never a good thing 😉

I did a bit of research in to paypal’s limiting of accounts and i started to worry a little 🙂 Plenty of horror stories around.

But thankfully, everything is back to normal now and hopefully i’ll not have as much cash in the account again.

So be warned, watch your receiving limit and make sure you don’t have a few g’s lying in the account as it may be frozen for a while. My funds were frozen for just a few days and i didn’t need them, but i’m sure this has caught many people cold.

Best advice i can give is to stay polite when talking to paypal and don’t do anything rash like withdraw all your funds just before you hit your receiving limit as it’s only going to trigger another red flag. Bottom line is, if you’re legit and the money received is legit, you have nothing to worry about.

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