Patience with priceline..

A 4* hotel in Dublin City Centre costs about €140-180/night on average.. i know that from experience, i’ve stayed in Dublin plenty of times…

With priceline, they claim they can get you the same standard of hotel for 50% less.

I opened the bidding at $100/night ($120 incl taxes) for next week but that was rejected… i was pretty disappointed.. i was expecting to get a hotel no problem for that amount as i know from checking hotel websites that there are plenty of free rooms next week.

I’ve tried for 2 consecutive days now at $100.. both in city centre south and south dublin – no way am i staying northside 😉

I’m prepared to spend about €120/night on a hotel – about $160. With priceline, you can only try once every 24hours, giving me a maximum of 4 tries. (1 a day until wednesday – the day i’m heading to Dublin).

It seems the Dublin hotels are tougher nuts to crack than London hotels who seem to buckle easier and earlier.. either that or Dublin hotels prefer to have empty rooms rather than rif-raff like me staying in them for peanuts :mrgreen:

So now it’s a game of chicken between me and the hotels… i know the hotels have rooms and they’ll stick with the rack rate until the last possible moment.. so i can’t bottle it and pay a ‘reasonable’ amount for a hotel room.. if i run it down to the wire, i’ll get the best deal possible.

And that’s how to use priceline.. that’s how i picked up a €400/night hotel for €150/night.. priceline has now become my new no.1 hotel website..

I’ve got 4 days to pull off another bargain.. If i get another super deal, i’ll have to go into more detail on this and exactly how i go about it…

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