passed my repeat maths exam

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Like i predicted the day i sat it, i passed my repeat maths exam. Yet again, i show i’m a master at valuing my own ability.

I got 42%. To quote myself from an earlier post;

I’ve got between 45%-60% overall by my own scoring. 45% absolute worst case scenario.

So that means, yet again, somebody was out to get me and i was marked harshly 🙂 Anyway, it doesn’t matter, i don’t have to worry about it now and i can go through second year knowing i’ve no 1st year subjects to repeat which is a nice weight off my shoulders.

If i had to bet on myself failing a subject this year, i’d burn my money instead. It’s highly unlikely i’ll fail any subject this year for numerous reasons;

  • I’m in a smaller, tighter group which is great for teamwork and a lot of my stuff this year will be team based.
  • I’m more motivated this year – last year i knew it was meaningless to get anything over 40%… different story this year as i’m aiming for 70% across the board.
  • I now have the experience of failing a subject, then having to repeat during the summer. That eats up a lot of time and next summer, i’m determined to keep it free from college work which will allow me to focus 100% on my online work.

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