Passed Maths

I had my maths repeat exam today. Fail it, and i’d have to wait until May 2009 to get another crack at it. No way did i want that… i’m the type of person that thinks about big upcoming events on a daily basis – i can’t just put something like that to the back of my mind for a year.

So i was determined to nail this exam today and start 2nd year with a clean slate. Although i won’t get the results for another month or so, i know i passed.

I’ve got between 45%-60% overall by my own scoring. 45% absolute worst case scenario. I’m not usually too far out with my own marking.

I also found out today that we have just 1 more semester of maths to go… so after Christmas, i won’t be going near maths again during my stay in college. Score 😉

I start back to college on September 9th – just over 3 weeks away. Although i don’t really miss it, i’m looking forward to the challenge academically. From day one, my focus will be on getting above 70% in every single exam i have. Above 70% means i’ll stay on course for an honors ordinary degree (yes such a thing exists), plus it’ll enable me to do an extra year at a higher level (honors degree) if i wish – probably in IT management.

If i feel it’s too much work however, or it’s starting to have a negative impact on my online work, i’ll quickly drop my standards and just aim to pass everything and finish with an ordinary degree.

2 years is a long time however… it’s been 2 years since i started my first website and look how far i’ve come… so i can’t say where i’ll be in 2 years time or even if i’ll still be in college.

5 thoughts on “Passed Maths”

  1. Well done dude! Looking forward to mine 2moro! lol! How many questions came up?

    Im okay on all the questions except sequences and series! Cant really get my head around them!

  2. @jonny – yeah i stayed away from that question – i just banked on 2 questions and had a crack at one other.

    @sean – yeah, so i heard, we’ll not complain 🙂

  3. It actually turned out not too bad.. All questions turned up (sequences and set theory together) and we had to answer 4. I’d say i just made it over the 50% mark, which is what i needed.

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