passed all my summer exams

Although i still have 3 exams left out of 6 to sit next week and technically i’ve passed just 1 subject already, i’m declaring year 2 in college a success and giving myself a pass. No repeats, no problems this year, unlike last summer.

pouring the champagne
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It now means i just have to worry about one major distraction this summer – michael jackson in london :mrgreen:

Overall it’s been a good college year. Progress. My exam results have been pretty consistent all year round. I feel like i’ve learned more and my work rate has improved.

I won’t get the 70% average i aimed for back in September, but i should improve on last year’s overall average and i’d hazard a guess it’ll be between 60-65% this year which isn’t too far off the 70% mark.

Anyway, i’ll dig up this post when my exam results come out officially early next month and it’ll be a case of ‘i told you so’ 😉

Technically i’m now up to a level 6 out of 10 in the education ladder. So i could leave now with a level 6 advanced diploma if i really wanted. The transition between level 6 and 8 is rapid though. 2 years. If all goes to plan i’ll be leaving college with a level 8 honours degree in IT management in summer 2011, with the option of bailing out with a level 7 ordinary degree next summer (2010).

Beyond that, i’m not sure. I could go elsewhere to a complete a masters degree but i really don’t want to hang about in education too long. In, out, get the job done and get what i came for – a degree in IT management. Completing a master’s would require a lot more work, a lot more time and i feel that time could be better spent attacking projects or setting up businesses etc…

Anyway, 2 years down, 2 to go until i have to make that decision. So far, so good and if i’m honest, things are getting easier, not harder :mrgreen:

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