party tonight, work in the morning..

It’s the gf’s 21st birthday bash tonight. It’s 2.25 pm, I’m heading to work at 4pm, supposed to be on ’til 9pm, but i’ll try to nick away at 8.30pm to be at the party for 9pm.

Tight enough schedule you might think :mrgreen: Well, just to rub it in, i’ve work at 7.30am tomorrow, that means getting up at 6.45am. Given the fact i’ll probaby not be home and in bed until about 3a.m, i’ll have about 3 hours sleep tonight 😥

This is why i can’t wait to give up my day job – none of this rubbish. I set my own hours and structure them around my life. Also, i never work evenings anymore (haven’t in about 2 months), so the one evening i need off, of course i’d have to be scheduled in 🙄

So no internet for me until sunday evening probably as i’ll need saturday evening and sunday morning to sleep and recover. I’m desperate to keep up these daily blog posts though… i don’t want to break this habit. So hopefully, i’ll drag myself to a computer tomorrow evening 😆

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