Paris Next Week


Next wednesday i’ll be jetting off to Paris for 4 nights (Wednesday until Sunday). I’ll be staying here which is close to Disneyland and that’s where i’ll be spending most of my time…

Summer Time

I’ve been in Paris before, but never Disneyland. Although it’s not too often i’m ever in theme parks, i’ll have a go on anything. I’ll probably get around all roller coasters over there if i’ve 3 days in the place and i’ll do my best to capture them all on video. It’s been about 7 years since i was last on any sort of proper roller coaster and that would have been in Universal Studios, Florida. I’ll be back there one day, but for now, Paris will do 🙂

It will of course present loads of photo & video opportunities, which will give me a much needed boost in my July challenge which has sort of hit the rocks lately. I can still hit all targets, i just need to knuckle down and get uploading more stuff.

Next Two Weeks

My girlfriend is off on two weeks holidays too starting next week which means i’ll probably be offline more than normal. I’m also determined to get down to Cork / Kerry / that direction as i never seem to venture too far beyond Dublin.

That would probably mean staying at least one night somewhere down there and lots of driving. I’ll have to map out some potential routes & scenic ‘targets’ on Google maps. In amongst all that, i’ll still be going to meetings and working on business stuff. After all, holidays are only holidays if you’ve a job to go back to after them 🙂


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