Paris Hilton Back in Jail…

Just seen this here.


You may think has nothing do with blogging or business or entrepreneurship at all, but i actually think this woman is a genius at work.

She’s basically an A-list celebrity right now, and this whole jail thing is going to make her the hotest property around. Think about it.. ok, she may be in jail for a few weeks, but the kind of circus that will follow her around when she gets out will create a demand for her.

That demand leads to films, interviews, commercials, autobiography etc.. At the end of the day, we all know her, and her every move is on the frontpage of digg and plastered all over the net, never mind the papers. So although we may laugh at her and she’ll be the brunt of a few jokes, but i think she’ll have the last laugh – making megabucks off the back of us.

We buy the papers, we digg the stories.. we create the demand. All publicity is good publicity. Think about that the next time you digg her 😉

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