Paper – why are we still using it?

I’ve only been at college one day (2 if you count registration), and in that time i’ve been given 22 sheets of A4 paper.

Most of it, let’s be honest, is junk that many people have probably thrown out already. Probably 20 of those 22 sheets will end up in the bin or never be seen again. The only ones of value are the timetable and usernames/passwords. Yet DKIT is one of the greener colleges, not just in Ireland, but in the world; with the big wind turbine on campus which apparently generates 50% of the college’s electricity 😎


I’m no green freak that chains themselves to trees, but at this rate, i’ll be getting over a thousand sheets of paper over the year, and so will all the rest of us.. multiply that by the 5000 odd students there, and that’s 5 million sheets of paper being used per year 😯 assuming a 500 ream of a4 paper costs €3 (being generous), that’s €30,000 per year spent of paper. Rough figures obviously, but that could pay for someone’s salary 😛

It seems odd that despite all of this technology and green world we live in, paper is still seen as the ‘hard copy’. 2 digital copies of a file on seperate locations, and the file is as good as a hard copy imo.. Not taking a pop at DKIT in particular, secondary school was the same, if not worse.. plus i’d 6 years of it…

As a little experiment, i’m going to gather all of the sheets i get, store them up, and keep a little count on them all at home… it will be interesting to see the results come next summer 😆 It will also give me more accurate figures to play with…

2 thoughts on “Paper – why are we still using it?”

  1. interesting link, i must look into that.. the ability to shrink 2 or 4 pages onto 1 page is certainly something worth doing..

    of course, a digital page is better than anything 😎 well better as in saving the environment better..

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