paper watch – week 5

Ok, you know the deal by now, every week i add up all the A4 pages i receive at college as a mini experiment… I’m of the belief a computer course should be taught 100% on computers so i find it funny the amount of paper we get… most of which is probably thrown in bins at the end of the day/week/year 🙄

  • Pages this week: 11
  • Average per day: 2.2

Total pages received to date: 141

So we’re 5 weeks in now, and i’ve received 141 pages. We’re getting less paper now, but most of it is still unecessary imo.. for example, we get a handout of a MS excel table and we have to replicate that on a new excel doc…

Why can’t that handout be put on a server, made read-only, and we then copy it from there? It’s actually easier to flip between windows rather than look away from the screen, the back to the screen etc.. this would save time, energy and paper as the document wouldn’t have to be photocopied, it wouldn’t therefore ‘waste’ paper…

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