Paper Watch – Week 4

Ok, you know the deal by now, every week i add up all the A4 pages i receive at college…

  • Pages this week: 28
  • Average per day: 5.6

Total pages received to date: 130

A bit of an improvement on last week, but still unnecessarily high 🙄 Im starting to notice a few guys also ‘forgetting’ their handouts and getting the same handouts again.. so that’s a real paper killer… getting handouts you already have 😎

Anyway, 4 weeks in or 20 days, and i’m averaging 6.5 pages per day. Don’t forget this is a computing course, so every single one of us has access to the internet/computers, so in theory, we could all get the notes online. In fairness to some of the lecturers, they put the notes up on moodle, but others don’t/can’t/won’t learn how to use moodle and give us hard copies instead.

Doesn’t look well i have to say. A computing course in which some of the lecturers won’t use computers/technology 😕

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