Paper Watch – Week 2

I started Paper Watch last week as an experiment. I intend to keep track of every sheet of paper i get from college, so that i can estimate how much paper is being used and what % of it is junk/unnecessary/throw away type material…

  • Pages this week : 28
  • Average Per Day: 5.6

Total A4 pages received to date: 75

So this week was a huge improvement on last week (got 47 pages last week). Last week was our first week in college so i suppose you can expect loads of junk pages to be given out..

75 pages received in 10 days is a hell of a lot of information to take in.. in fact, i’d say it’s impossible for the human mind to absorb 75 pages of material in 10 days. So this is where we must filter/summarize the sheets into a few keywords, otherwise, come exam time, we’ll have literally hundreds of A4 sheets to look at :mrgreen:

Time to start getting folders though, as the sheets are starting to pile up.. i keep them at home in neat bundles but it at this rate, it won’t take long before things get out of hand 😉

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